Weed Free Garden


Weed Free Garden Watering Blanket :: Water Saving Drip Irrigation TechnologyOur Weed Free Watering Blanket™ offers a new approach to weed blocking and watering - combining two labor and cost intensive steps into one. Now you can enjoy a virtually weed free experience without herbicides.  Its made with Rainweave, the first landscape fabric with built-in drip irrigation.


The 8x10 KIT is $69.95 MSRP
Available at select garden retailers and in our online store.

It includes:

  1. 8x10 Garden Blanket
  2. 5 lbs of Granular Organic Fertilizer
  3. 1 Pint Liquid Organic Fertilizer
  4. Soil Test Kit
  5. 15 Biodegradable Fabric Stakes
  6. Header Hose (pro quality components)
  7. 10 PSI Pressure Reducer

Watering BlanketThe 8x10 Blanket ONLY is $44.95 MSRP


Both units include the Header Hose


And by trapping water below the top layer of fabric, the built-in slow drip irrigation saves up to 80% on water usage while improving your soil, deepening root growth and boosting overall plant health.


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